An interview on the use of social media and animal abuse

This interview was conducted in relation to the second assessment. Tessa and I have chosen to research how animal abuse is portrayed and policed on social media specifically Facebook. To start off I would like to show you some images of a disgusting human being called Kendall Jones.



This 19 year old has a hobby hunting our beautiful wildlife. This cheerleader who has proudly shared snaps of her posing with dead exotic animals in Africa after hunting them and killing has put them all over Facebook bragging about how great she is. Before sharing with you the interview conducted, I did an experiment of my own. I have reported a video that has come up on my newsfeed on Facebook countless times of a man kicking a cat along a street to the Facebook community standards. Only to receive the same message every time… “This does not breach our community standards”. This made my blood boil. I tried to find a phone number to call someone who works at Facebook; surprise there is absolutely no way to talk to a real person. There are emails and operators but no one single person could help me. To test this again I then reported a girl who posted a photo of herself in her bra onto Facebook, within 3 hours Facebook had got back to me letting me know they had taken it down because it showed nudity. What kind of world is this if people are more offended to see girls’ breasts than someone physically abusing an animal? One that I do NOT want to be a part of.

Showing these images and giving background information I then started the interview.

How do these images make you feel?
Absolutely disgusted. Is that even legal? Its horrible that the amount of likes she gets to show support are in the millions, people laughing at it and calling her “hot”. I have no words for her, she makes me sick.

Do you think Facebook should be doing more about this?
Yes I do. The fact that there is nobody to call or talk to, it is like they are hiding. I feel like Facebook is just laughing, controlling everything but never listening. I see at least one video a week with some sort of animal abuse in it and I bet there are millions that I just scroll past.

What do you think these videos are showing people, especially the younger generations?
I think it shows them that animal abuse is funny. It shows that if you upload a video like this you will get thousands of likes and comments and become Facebook famous. It shows that Facebook doesn’t care that these videos are being shared and uploaded and it just says that this is okay.

What could we do to stop this?
Well we could campaign, share posts and videos from the RSPCA, contact newspapers or start a petition to get Facebook to take down these videos and pictures. If everybody reported them then maybe Facebook would change their community standards.


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