Analysing an RSPCA campaign

Animal abuse and neglect is an ongoing, documented problem for society. Cases of animal harm stream in and out of news reports and public discussion. With changes in technology, mass communication has become more than a convenient outlet for publicising stories about animal harm. Not-for-profit organisations look to mass communication as a way to gain support from the public. Animal welfare organisations use mass communication to benefit their causes and reach multiple groups through their use of fundraising campaigns.

Animal welfare organizations were created to address the problem of abuse and harm. But, as not-for-profit organizations, they rely heavily on donations and voluntary support from the public. In order to achieve their mission, the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), is one of the most popular animal welfare organisations, relying heavily on mass communication fundraising campaigns.

This video, called Voices, is an English campaign to help spread awareness on animal abuse made by RSPCA UK. The audience intended for this campaign is everyone around the world. RSPCA want everyone to know what is happening to animals every day, and with the facts in the video…”Every year we take in over 135, 000 animals in need” and “Every year we secure over 2000 convictions for cruelty and neglect” along with the heart breaking images of neglected animals anyone who’s ever owned a pet or loved animals this ad really gets you thinking “what more can I do to help?”.

The objective of this campaign is clear and concise. Showing the viewer uncomfortable images or animal abuse is not something they would see everyday nor would like to see. Exposing the realities in the hope people will wake up and start doing something about it.

The text has been ordered in single sentences on facts about animal abuse. This is extremely effective as it allows the viewer to watch the videos of the animals and read the horrific facts on cruelty and neglect without being overwhelmed with information. The RSPCA have used human voices to communicate to you what the animals might be saying. This technique is very useful as it gives the impression that the animals are people to and do have a voice if we listened. It portrays the animals as helpless as we, as humans have the power to care for them and give them love but instead some chose to abuse them.


The key values and assumptions that the RSPCA want to share with their viewers is that animal abuse is REAL. It is a prominent problem in society and we CAN fix it. Not just with donations, but with volunteering and adopting a pet to give them a new lease on life. There are many organisations like the RSPCA who do the same thing and are spreading the same message. If we had stronger laws against animal cruelty then it might not be as prominent as it is now. If you would believe in better lives for our animals sign this petition to help enforce stronger laws. Or if you would like to donate or volunteer at the RSPCA click this link.


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